What is next after Ticket to Space NFT?

I know that it is a bit too early to discuss on this thread. However, what I’ve learned from AssangeDAO is that, If we don’t have a long-term plan and well prepare for it, we will get into a big trouble right after our 1st mission (sending people to space) completes. It is just like you are walking in a dark.

There are couple of points I want to raise here.

1. Utility of NFTs after the Space Tickets are rewarded.

We know that the main utility of NFTs is to participate in the lottery and get a chance to win the Space Ticket. However, what is left after the lottery? does it still have some value?

To create utility for NFTs (especially after the lottery) there are couple of possible way as below:

Create culture & social status around NFTs
NFTs is not just a ticket to the lottery but it’s also can be used as your avatar (need PFP style), your identity. It is a way you perceive yourself and want the world to see you. To do so we need to take the branding very seriously. Some come characters I can see clearly among our community are: Dare to dream big, Kindness, Fairness, etc.

NFTs are MoonDao membership
NFTs holders are eligible for joining MoonDAO community event (For free), get special discounts on MoonDAO’s product & services (will discuss this later). On the other hand, Mooney can be used as currency to pay for MoonDAO’ products & services.

2. What next after Ticket to Space NFTs?

I’m thinking a lot about it. There are many great ideas such as Bitcoin mining in space, investing in space research, etc. Here are my thoughts.

Investing into other DAOs
For long-term operations, we need to generate incomes. We can’t afford to invest in enough space projects to create a significant impact with our current budget. We, of course, can raise fund forever. While other DAOs tend to go with traditional ways to generate income such such purchasing a building and lease. I would suggest to go with investing into other DAOs. Let’s image MoonDAO partner with XYZDAO and invest in it. We can bring our community to XYZDAO and also attract more members from XYZDAO and outside to MoonDAO. It’s a win win.

1st decentralized online university for space
Space is a future, soon it will be come a biggest industry. Why don’t we start to build a first university where we can teach people about anythings related to space from different levels. It can start from very basic knowledge about space for kids to incubate their loves for space. Or it can be a class to teach people how to do space/sky photography. We can even go further to fund space research, and own IP rights of those researches. VitaDAO is an excellent example for investing in longevity research.

MoonDAO’s shops for Space related NFTs, clothes, tools, etc.
As a community who share the same interest in space, why don’t we create our own stuff, and sell for ourselves. Long time ago, I went through a article “A true thousand fans” which states that as a shop you don’t need million followers to survive, you just need 1000 true fans who will buy any new products from you. And we have a community of 2.6k in discord, any will be more after the NFTs sales.

Just thinking out loud. Happy to hear your thoughts

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Is it possible to build an online space museum( in sandbox or decentraland or other platform), free to get in, but parts of art pieces are exclusive to NFT holders.

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Yes, it is. Sooner or latter we all will move into metaverse. Besides Sandbox, decentraland I would recommend (1) Somnium Space (@SomniumSpace) / Twitter It is super cool VR world. One of the best right now I suppose.