Treasury Reserve Adds LP Proposal

The current Uniswp V3 transaction of 1 million $MOONEY has a slippage of 12.5%, and the LP pool in the trading range is only 156 ETH. Considering the upcoming unlocking of the first phase of contributor incentives, it is convenient for more $MOONEY holders to trade:

Consider temporarily increasing the liquidity as appropriate.

The current treasury reserves are 496 ETH + 2.4 million DAI. Considering the needs of subsequent operations and rocket missions, 200-300 ETH and equivalent $MOOENY can be used to join the LP, and provide a lock-up period. The following plans can be available for discussion and voting.

1、Increase the amount of ETH

a. 200 $ETH + equivalent $MOONEY

b. 250 $ETH + equivalent $MOONEY

c. 300 $ETH + equivalent $MOONEY

2、LP lock-up Period

a. One of OKX, FTX, Binance, Coinbase will be unlocked

b. 3 months

c. 6 months

Written by: MetaLUO
Translator :Richard


good job, lets achieve it as soon as possible


Let the treasury money flow.

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100% agree ! The treasury needs to flow, we also need to add more LP, which can give confidence to the market.


I agree,This is an important issue in the near future。

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Generally, I’m in favor of this proposal. Just to confirm, does Option a of the lockup period mean the following:
" Unlocked once $MOONEY gets listed on any of the top-tier exchanges, such as OKX, FTX, BINANCE, and COINBASE."?

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I agree. That’s good job!

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It’s a good choice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think this way is ok!

great!That’s a good idea