TikTok&Douyin Publicity Program (Apply for Grants/Funding)

Title: TikTok&Douyin Publicity Program (Apply for Grants/Funding)

Authors: 曹导, CarolW#8711

Date created and posted: 03/04/2021


The main purpose of this program is to expand the marketing;
The period is about 3-5 months until the final launch of manned spacecraft in summer seasons; (After that, whether we will continue and how we should renew the program is to be determined)
The payment is monthly — $19,000 per month.


1.At the moment when we can get BO ticket soon, we need more publicity at this stage than community design, web-dev, operation, etc.
2.We need to diversify our publicity channels, and Tiktok (and Douyin in China) is a good window with huge traffic and high cost performance.



1.Operation: Video content plan and video projects initiation; account operation and traffic acquisition of Douyin and TikTok.
2.Advertising Director: Acting as the director of all videos such as commercial films and documentaries
3.Video making: Acting as a video editor, soundtrack recorder, and sound mixer
4.Copywriter: Responsible for copywriting of all video, advertising films, and documentaries
5.Color matching/ T C: Serve as the color modulation of the video, as well as the output of special effects


This team will not only operate Tiktok and Douyin, but also be responsible for broadcasting daily advertising material of moondao.
The broadcasting is presented in the form of video/copywriting/H5 and other ways. The following are the specific categories:


All information about MoonDAO can be released daily or several times a day

2.MoonDAO Documentary

To spread MoonDAO’s vision: MoonDAO is an international collective of people united by the mission of decentralizing access to space research and exploration. We are currently living at the inflection point of a privatized space race, and the implications of this moment will define our future. Making life multi-planetary is one of the most inspiring and important missions in our lifetime. The big question is: how? We believe that an international, decentralized, inclusive, and transparent organization would be much better aligned with the needs of the everyday person.

3.About space exploration

In the summer of 2022, MoonDAO will send human to the edge of the earth. During the preparation of such a legendary trip, there are a lot of knowledge content to share. It is a great opportunity to give a science popularization education, and collect and spread more interesting ideas.

4.Legendary founders or contributors

With the efforts of Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz and Kori Rogers and other core contributors, MoonDAO was born and prospers till today. It is worthy sharing every core contributors’ story in the form of a documentary.


1.Number of new videos released per month: 15+ short videos/month
2.View increase of all videos per month: 100M+/month
3.Subscription increase per month: 10k+/month


The program is lasting to the final launch of manned spacecraft in summer seasons.
The total cost per month is $19000. The details are as follows:

Operation $3,000/Month
Advertising Director $1,800/Month
Copywriter $1100/Month
Video making $1,000/Month
Color matching/ T C $600/Month
Dub $2,000/Month
Marketing $8,000/Month
Music copyright $500/Month
Copyright of basic materials like video clips $1,000/Month

Copyrights of any font/music/video clip involved in the released video will be purchased. The copyright of all works is owned by MoonDAO, which can be simultaneously posted on other platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

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(Chinese translation: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.)

I am in favor of expanding marketing for what we’re doing – I think this should be done. However, I think the method you are asking for payment is not inline with how we have been operating thus far. Since we do everything openly as a community, and anyone can join workstreams, and anyone can get paid through coordinape, this is a very different way of doing payment.

I think you should structure using a workstream in our DAO:

A workstream for marketing is made, and is led by Rocketeers, and they make their team. Then they are paid through coordinape like everyone else in the DAO.


100% agree with you !

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coooooooooool~ support you!

Yes, we should do this! Put our TikTok-PR workstream into discord, and let community members participate together.

agree with you Pablo