Onboarding Program: Creating an effective and welcoming process

Community Design is establishing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Onboarding Program with the following proposed goals:

  • Greet Earthlings to our Discord server and make them feel welcome
  • Determine if they would like a 1:1 call with a Moon Buddy to get oriented and/or learn about opportunities to participate in Moon Work and bounties.
  • Ensure they are aware of our various communication channels - news, announcements, town halls, etc.
  • Set the vibe for future interactions

This conversation started in the Community Design: Onboarding & Buddy Program thread. This topic is meant to collect the ideas in order to craft a draft Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

I sort out the things that exist in the community and drew a community ecology map. I believe this can help us understand the important position of Onboarding & Buddy in the community.

Community Ecology Map:
(Maybe there are omissions, there are really too many awesome things in the community!!)

1.About Onboarding program


  1. Contributor form (google) → Collect contributor information of the community;
  2. Discord’s contributor channel → ①Visually display contributor members to the community (classified according to their best abilities, such as design, law, planning, marketing, etc.).② Provide a way for community members to apply for contributor roles (Contributor form).


  1. Contributor dormancy mechanism:
    When contributors participate in bounty tasks, they are displayed as active, and when they do not participate, they are dormant. If they sleep for more than a certain period of time (two weeks or one month), they will lose the contributor role. They can re-apply to get the role, become a contributor again, and choose the task they like to contribute. That will not affect the task incentive distribution they have participated in, because the incentive is distributed according to the task contribution.
  2. Incentive mechanism for active contributors:
    When a contributor remains active for a certain period of time (maybe two months or even longer), they will obtain an role ( moonsettlers, rocketeers, astronauts, or other ). This is related to our role promotion mechanism. Role should be a symbol of status and honor, representing the affirmation of the community for their contributions and they can enjoy some special benefits, but it does’ n mean special decision-making power.

Contributor & Task Workstream

Onboarding program


1)Contributor form (google) → Collect contributor information of the community;

I made a template:contributor form - Google Sheets

When a community member wants to be a contributor, they will get a collection form to enter the talent pool.After they fill out the form and submit it, they will be recorded in the contributor form.

The contributor form will automatically record when they become contributors.

When these new contributors accept a task in dework, the administrator will set the time they accept the task as the last active time.

The contributor form will automatically calculate the time when they were last active so far.(I call it dormancy time.)

When dormancy time > n days, they will be automatically Archived. When they accept the task again, they will become active again. Through this mechanism, we can judge whether the contributors remain active or not.

In addition to bounty task, we also have workstream. When a contributor joins a workstream, rocketeer should enter the contributor form and classify them into this workstream.

Contributors with at least one workstream, even if their dormancy time>n days, will not become Archived.We can think of the contributors in workstream as those who contributed to MoonDao full-time during this workstream time. They are not dormant.

First - Wow and Yay!
Community Ecology Map:
I don’t know that it demonstrates that the “Community Team” can also post Bounties, but this is trivial.

I like how you’ve phrased the Ambassador program as being multilingual, vs about geography or nation.

Contributor dormancy mechanism:
This sounds really involved. Do you have a tool in mind that would manage this? And how would we coordinate that with roles in Discord?

Incentive mechanism for active contributors:
This is interesting - 2 months seems a bit long. And I know @pablo has drafted ideas of how he sees the roles working in the Discord #start-here channel.

I agree that roles should represent contribution to MoonDAO, that can be gained and should be maintained.

Contributor & Task Workstream
looks good. when incentive structures get set up we can add it as a layer on top of this.

Contributor Form
How does the form automatically calculate dormancy? Are we manually entering when they accept a bounty?

How do you feel about all of this being done manually? And then of course getting Rocketeers and Astronauts to actually fill in the form when they bring new people onboard? I think the only way to really encourage it is to tie it to compensation somehow, but that is also done by dework. So, maybe we need to look at ways we can collect data from dework?

Thank you, DaMian, this is such great work.