Moon DAO NFT Projects

Now that we have discord we can be a bit more organized in the discussion about NFT projects for Moon DAO. There have been a number of project ideas mentioned but turning the ideas into action will require teamwork.

The one project that is definitely needed is the Ticket to Space NFT. There are a number of things that need t be worked out for example:

How will the tickets be minted?
Which blockchain will we use?

  • Do we need our own contract?
  • How will the winner be choosen?
  • How do we make it fair?
  • What will the art be like?

    There will be many more questions to come up as well, so the time has come to form an NFT team to start this up. I think it will also be possible to work on some of the other NFT project as well. All it would take is for someone to be a project lead, form a team and see what you can come up with.

    There are larger governance decisions yet to be made with the DAO but no matter what, for work to be done, it must be broken down to small deliverable chunks. I believe that permission should be granted to the groups to perform the tasks they were set out to perform without voting on every decision, this is especially true when it comes to art work.

    With that said, I think we can produce NFT projects for this DAO if we work together, and have solid proposals drawn up that we as a team agree upon are going to work. When we have projects we can bring them to the DAO for funding and get it done.

    Some expertise we will need for the team:

  • Artists/Designers
  • Developers if we go smart contract route
  • UI/UX Design
  • Project Managers
  • Theorists
  • Tokenomics Wizards

    If you would like to be a part of the NFT team, please respond below and include in what way you can help.

    Again, the first NFT project that Moon DAO is going to need to ship, is the ticket to space. Soon, I would like to put together a proposal for a budget to complete this project.

    Much work has already taken place in this regard as a high degree of professionalism was sought for this front facing project. With that in mind, professional artists were contacted to begin work on this and will be included in the proposal for the ticket NFT


    Awesome stuff. So some high-level thoughts in my head:

    • I personally don’t think the Ticket to Space NFT Collection needs a project lead. It’s the foundation of our 2022 mission so I think it involves everyone and is something we can move on as a community. It also involves most of our existing work streams- e.g. webdev, design, marketing, tokenomics, that will all probably be involved in this process so a collaborative approach is the right one imo.

    • On a larger point, I don’t think there should be an NFT team that centrally organises and funds all the NFT projects that pop up in MoonDAO. I support individual NFT projects having groups that work together, but not an overarching NFT team that coordinates and funds all NFT projects. Perhaps that approach is reasonable at scale, but I don’t think we’re there yet. I also don’t think we have the governance processes in place right now to do this right. (We need an established promotion process, a way of dealing with conflict resolution etc. before we are anywhere near having a team make non-voted decisions). I feel quite strongly about this.

    • I also think having multiple NFT projects this year is something we ought to plan out first. (I’m concerned about overloading our community with NFTs to purchase.)

    • On choosing the winner(s)- broadly I think there are three approaches: 1) pure lottery, 2) governance (voting on a winner), 3) lottery-governance hybrid.

    • Implementing a lottery component depends on a couple factors:

    1. where we incorporate our MoonDAO legal entity- this dictates the lottery laws we work with
    2. whether we go with a pure lottery or a hybrid model- seems as if the right hybrid model can avoid lottery laws altogether
    • Perhaps this is tangential to the Budget proposal (would love to riff on the proposal btw), but an exact specification for payments and royalties is very important for the project- something I’ve been thinking about a ton. This links to how payment is made for work within the DAO (coordinape) vs payments made for work that is contracted (which may include fixed payments, royalties etc.). So its a big big big discussion.

    *So with all that in mind boiler, if you’d like to make to make a proposal on NFTs can I please suggest making one for a specific project (Ticket to Space) instead of for all MoonDAO NFT projects?

    Just my 2 cents!


    Great initiative @boilerrat @Kori

    Just want to add couples of questions that I believe we should address.

    1. What is the objective/target of this NFT project (Ticket to space). Depends on our answer we may come up with different approach. For instance, we will target to onboard 10k more members through this NFT project. We want to create a fair launch with as easy as possible for new members to onboard. Besides we want to reward our early supporters.

    2. Number of NFT? Price of NFT? too many NFT will fail to create a scarcity effect, while too little NFT will lead to a gas war. I found an interesting article by Vitalik on this topic, pls check it out Alternatives to selling at below-market-clearing prices for achieving fairness (or community sentiment, or fun) (

    3. What is the relationship between NFT & Mooney? This is a crucial question as it will impact on the price of Mooney. In previous town hall call, some members raised very interesting ideas includes: Staking Mooney to purchase NFT, burn Mooney which receive from selling the NFT, etc.

    4. What we are going to do with the Mooney or ETH which we receive from the NFT sales if we don’t want to burn them.

    5. Is the NFT transferable or not?

    6. What is the NFT utility besides a pass to the Lottery? Should be more than just a Lottery ticket, isn’t it?

    Just my 2c.


    I wasn’t making a proposal merely suggesting teams be formed to make proposals as a team.

    Same goes for other NFT projects, as you said it will take planning and if smart contracts are involved would take a long time to do properly.

    As to the points about forming teams and not needing them, I will diverge from you on that point and in fact without it nothing will be done effectively or efficiently.


    Some quick thoughts here…

    • Is the proposal to create a separate team with a budget to operate autonomously and make decisions as a team?

    If so, I think there are key decisions about the NFTs that we should be aligned on as a whole community: for example Mooney’s relationship to the NFTs.

    However, I think for more granular decisions a working team that is empowered definitely makes sense.

    The important thing is balance. And I think Kori raised some good points about limiting the scope of this proposal to just be the Ticket To Space NFTs

    And boiler has some good points about letting project specific teams be empowered to make decisions for the community.

    I think we can strike a balance between these ideas:

    • A team is formed with to run the Ticket To Space NFTs
    • The community can dictate the important pieces of the NFTs, especially decisions that have an impact on $MOONEy
    • For smaller granularity decisions the community decides that the group can hash it out on their own and if people raise concerns we can do community wide votes

    Just some thoughts, my 2c


    lol we should make this a moondao thing to end every message with:

    just my 2c


    I think it would be cool to have themed NFT collections for different sub-initiatives. We can identify cool projects that are doing space education or tech development and co-sponsor an NFT collection to raise money for that specific initiative. Having the beneficiary identified ahead of time will allow the projects to gain more traction than raising money, then trying to find people to implement.

    This will also allow us to reach some of the early Moon DAO goals of artifact preservation, exploration funding beyond the tickets to space.

    …just my 2c


    Agreed! I think there are tons of potential to help out with other collections in the space and help build up the DAO ecosystem around us. Really love this idea!

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    I have gone through all the discussion above as well as the ones in discord. Consolidated them into the google sheets below. It would be very helpful if you guys can go through the sheet and leave your votes and cmts for each items. Feel free to let me know if you want to add other options or items.


    1、Whitelist for minting NFT

    I don’t like the idea of whitelist, it limits the number of buyers.

    Instead, I think “Moonlist” is a better idea. Any address that Contributes at least 0.2ETH at fundraising of MoonDAO on JuiceBox and now holds at least 50000 $MOONEY is on the Moonlist .

    I propose to send one NFT as a gift to each address that was in the “Moonlist” for their early contribution.

    The remaining NFTs are open to sale with no limits.

    2、Number of NFTs (Given that we have 2600 discord members)

    10,000 +2300 NFTs

    Approximate 2300 for “Moonlist” members and 10,000 for open sale

    3、Number of NFTs a Whitelisted Wallet can mint

    If whitelist is required, then I think

    Group 1: People who donated to MOONDAO through Juicebox
    Group 2: People who got whitelist after completing the required tasks

    4、Type of NFTs

    I prefer ERC-721 + Generative (PFP style), generating a unique astronaut avatar for everyone.

    5、Pricing NFTs

    It seems pretty much conventional to mint NFT at a fixed price.

    6、NFTs Price (if go with Fixed Price Approach)

    I think the price needs to be 0.1 ETH plus 5000 $MOONEY.

    ETH can be sent directly to MoonDAO’s tr and Mooney will burn.

    This gives $MOONEY an alternative function other than voting. The burning also decreases the total circulation of $MOONEY.

    It’s easy to realize, we can add several lines of codes and send $MOONEY to the null address in the standard NFT mint contract.

    7、NFTs can be purchased by?

    As mentioned above, I propose to use both.

    8、Add rarity to NFTs

    Yes, this adds a lot of fun to participants to buy NFTs as a collection. It is also possible to increase social media heat.

    9、NFTs Royalties to generate more funds through secondary market

    Yes, 10% seems a conventional option?

    10、Tiered approach for NFTs

    Having only one type of NFT seems more equal for participants.

    Multi-tiers approach seems much more complicated to carry out. How to set the odds of different tiers as lottery tickets may raise an uneasy debate.


    Early Contributors on Juicexbox & $MOONEY holder.
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