MDP10 - Marketing proposals for $mooney from CN community

MDP: 10

Title: Marketing Proposals for $Mooney from CN community

Status: Pending

Created: 28-3-2022

I write here the proposals/voices from CN community, because we are focusing on the NFT and should also take the interests of mooney holder into consideration. Point 2 and 3 were actually from first version of NFT Proposals from Kori, CN community didn’t agree this and wanted to mint with mooney or EHT+mooney, but this is impossible due to legal risk now, so CN community looked this proposal, it makes sense than nothing to do with mooney.

  1. The Mooney Token Contract and all the Token address will be brought to Space with Astronauts, Mooney and token address will be first token and address in Space. /Mooney的代币合约和所有持币地址被宇航员一起带入太空,Mooney和所有持币地址会成为第一个上太空的币和持币地址。

  2. In order to enlarge the token address, airdrop some Mooney to NFT holders, 400 - 500 mooney per NFT holder /为了增加持币地址,给NFT的持有者空投一些Mooney, 数量:400 - 500个mooney 每个 NFT持有者。

  3. Use the certain amount of ETH from NFT Auction or NFT Minting to purchase the mooney in the second market and burn it。/用一定量的NFT拍卖或是NFT铸造所得的ETH回购mooney,然后销毁。

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This is something we need to keep the engine running.


yes, we need to run this for the all mooney holders


I fully agree with these proposals. This is the result of a joint discussion by the Chinese community.


We are family :gem::gem::gem: we are together :gem::gem::gem::gem:我们一家人 我们在一起


yes, CN community had lot of discussion on this issue and will happy to find this compromise

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We need victory news to hit back at people who don’t believe $mooney will make it
keep moving , keep fighting

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yes, let’s make it together