MDP-9: Proposal for Hayrul Music NFT Budget

MDP: 9

Title: Proposal for Hayrul Music NFT Fee

Status: Pending

Created: 27-3-2022

Music NFT---- To the Moon

Mission: Create MoonDAO’s own content rapper songs. Let the wider Chinese know about our organization. Increase the number of people who support our next strategic plan. Increase the member of discord from 3,000 to 30,000+.

Phase 1: Mobilize technical strength to make music NFTs of mainstream public chains such as Ethereum.

Phase 2: Moondao offers free to everyone in the crypto world, create a web interface to the MoonDAO official website, so that users can connect their wallets to the website, mint music NFT for free.

Phase 3: Release on major mainstream music platforms and video sites, and conduct To the Moon activities.

Phase 4: Launch the NFT mint Website. Drain the free mint music NFT crowd and fan groups to the moon community for community building.


Phase 1: 2022/02/19-2022/02/28

Phase 2: 2022/03/01-2022/03/10

Phase 3: 2022/03/11-2022/03/20

Phase 4: 2022/03/21-2022/04/10

Status: We have finished Phase 1 – Phase 3!!!

The fourth phase is underway

Team: @Richard @大赢家 @Allin @CarolW @LouisYip @Turghun @0XBB @Ballack

Our strategic goal is to increase the member of discord from 3,000 to 30,000+.

We need to design two tactics to accomplish our strategic goal:

Tactic 1. people who want to free mint music nft must join and invite 3 active persons to Discord.

Tactic 2.people with free mint nft have the opportunity to be airdropped mooney.


1000000 $Mooneys Airdrop. We can airdrop $mooney to some person who mint music NFT.1000 wallet addresses will recieve 1000 $Mooney.

5000 Dai Advertising costs. Public media advertising free mint music nft information

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its a good idea on that