MDP-8: Proposal for token contract aduit fee

MDP: 8

Title: Proposal for token contract aduit fee

Status: Pending

Created: 15-3-2022

Bay0 find a friend in Certik (The Smart contract audit will be 10K including security profile creation on Certik (-Security Profile on which receives 1.5m users a month (Audit))) to arrange our first token contract audit and pay all the fee.

The fee was: $10000 audit fee + $50 transaction fee = $10050 total

Token contract audit schedule to start from March 20 and complete by March 22.

The token contract audit fee already sent in #token-listing channel (Discord)

Here is the token contract audit payment screenshot:

Payment trasaction detail:

Token contract audit can improve the security of the contract and give optimization suggestions, which can help our contracts and tokens to be more perfect.

So, do we need to give back the token contract audit fee to the Bay0?
There are 2 choices:

  • Yes, we do!
  • No, we don’t.

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