MDP-6: Donate for Ukrainians

MDP: 6

Title: Donate for Ukrainians

Status: Pending

Created: 01-3-2022

Everybody knows the people of Ukraine are suffering from war, Many Ukrainians have been displaced and lost their families and homes. We can use $MOONEY to donate Ukrainians and help them rebuild their homes. For donate, it can bring an active effect for MoonDAO, it will increase our influence in the international and promote our development philosophy.
This vote is to determine how much $MOONEY should MoonDAO donate for Ukrainians.

Donation address: TobeHold

Any donation from MoonDAO does not represent any political opinion, only for LOVE&PEACE!

Choice 1: 6000000 $MOONEY
Choice 2: 4000000 $MOONEY
Choice 3: 2000000 $MOONEY
Choice 4: Disagree donate

  • 6000000 $MOONEY
  • 4000000 $MOONEY
  • 2000000 $MOONEY
  • Disagree donate

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Want to hear more throughs!

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First of all, the idea of helping Ukrainian civilians suffering from war is very humanitarian. I agree this idea.

However, I want to be assured about the use of donations:

1)How can we ensure that our donated funds will not be used for political, military and other purposes?Because this donation address is provided by the Ukrainian government.

2)Although we donate mooney in the name of love and peace, how can we ensure other people’s views on the donation behavior of MoonDao community?

3)At present, there are 80% Chinese in the MoonDao community.The international status of their country is very sensitive. How can such donation ensure that it will not bring trouble to the Chinese community?


Oh,I don’t know that the address is Ukrainian government. I will change it.

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I wish we, The Moondao, can 100% concentrate on our mission of sending ordinary people to search the universe rather than getting involved in any controversial topics, especially political related.

登月无关政治,虽然你的初心是善良的,但是这种行为经过传播会造成一定的政治影响。如果想要捐款,建议战后重建期再行讨论 :smiley: