MDP-5: Procedure for signing Blue Origin Contract

MDP: 5

Title: Procedure for signing Blue Origin Contract

Status: Pending

Created: 28-2-2022

We want to get our community to advise on which is the better option to sign the BO contract based on tax, local laws and prioritization of things.

Option 1:

How to sign:

Either Kori or Pablo to individually sign the BO contract. As for who to sign, it is directly based on the future lawyer consulting, no need for further voting. (We will speak to a contract lawyer about the liabilities involved in this process and decide who is more appropriate to sign.)


The flight is in summer months as is planned all along.

Once this is done, our focus will be to incorporate MoonDAO and transfer the contract from the individual to the MoonDAO entity. The steps are as follows:

  • Engage a tax/corporate lawyer to set up incorporation
  • Incorporate MoonDAO via the Cayman Islands (we are currently being referred to a Cayman Islands lawyer) or incorporate in the Marshall Island which rotorless is familiar with
  • Transfer the contract sponsor from the individual to the MoonDAO entity
  • Connect with a lawyer familiar with sweepstakes laws to formulate our NFT collection

Option 2:

How to sign:

Incorporate first before signing the contract instead of signing the contract as an individual.


Delay the flight to the autumn months.


I agree with

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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(This is a proposal draft. The final result is only related to votes on snapshot later)
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Renaming this to MDP-5 and putting up the official MDP tag