MDP-4: DAODenver February 15 - 16 is being hosted February 15 - 16 in conjunction with ETHDenver.

@pablo has been invited to speak on MoonDAO and they are asking us to be a sponsor of the event.

Having MoonDAO representation at the inaugural DAODenver event would add to our growing list of historic firsts (this is the first ever DAODenver), but it would also help us spread the word and grow our community. This will also serve as a fantastic opportunity for us to emphasize the mission of MoonDAO to decentralize space exploration and research; and to explain that tickets to space are a mechanism to promote the mission, and garner a seat at the table.

I propose that MoonDAO provide resources, or guarantee reimbursement to a contingent of MoonDAO members to attend which would include travel, entry fees, and a per diem to cover food and lodging. Steve@DAOofSteve has offered to let Pablo and myself be his guests, which I think means we would not have to buy tickets: they run from $200 - $1000 USD.

In terms of sponsoring the event, we do not yet have clear expectations for what that means, though we are inquiring and will update this discussion accordingly. There is some discussion in Discord that covers this a bit deeper.

I think it is also fun to consider MoonDAO swag for our DAODenver contingent, if our logo is approved in time. Nothing says team like matching hoodies.


Should we consider also supporting our contingent’s participation in ETHDenver? Feb 17 - 20?

I spoke ro Steve IRL and this is the basic synthesis (high level):

  • DAO denver would be great for getting the word out
  • We could time it with an announcement about our Ticket To Space NFTs
  • MoonDAO could co-host a party at DAODenver (our first MoonDAO party) and we can token-gate parts of it (more people would want to potentially purchase the token) - looks $25k to co-sponsor along wtih juicebox
  • We could cover the flight/housing expenses (as long as they’re reasonable) for a few people in MoonDAO to go

That’s basically it, but important to include in the proposal when we make it


If we’re putting in a proposal, I’m sure this doesn’t need to be said, but the longer we wait the more expensive everything gets wrt bookings.

I’m currently looking at $200 for a flight from Oregon; and there are inexpensive rooms available for <$100.

Thanks for posting. Obviously I think this would be a great opportunity to build more interest in MoonDAO within the entire DAO community. From a marketing/PR perspective people generally know very little about MoonDAO, IMHO, other than as a meme. The opportunity to speak to, and interact with, so many others in the practice of building DAOs, in order to provide more depth and context, I think would build much more interest in what the community is doing and what the bigger long term goals are. In addition, I think being remembered as the group that hosted one of the most memorable parties/events at ETHDenver would pay significant dividends in terms of future funding (NFTs or other) as well as attracting additional human talent and resources to join the community. Party entry (9p-2a) could be open to MoonDAO/Juicebox members, DAODenver attendees, and additional ETHDenver participants (based on a registration link you could circulate, and capacity cap of 1,200).
Also, I want to make sure people here know we have a DAODenver scholarship program for complimentary tickets and you’re welcome to fill out our form: Scholarship Ticket Request Form

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Heads-up; I have opted to not attend, so perhaps my guest pass can go to someone else. Not my call of course.

Spoke to Steve some more and he’s thinking about minting a token for DAOists (the DAO behind DAODenver) and we discussed the possibility of MoonDAO doing a token swap with them to align our incentives. The money we put into DAOists could be used to put on DAODenver and in exchange we would receive governance tokens for DAOists.

Just a thought, but I think this would be a really awesome way to contribute to the DAO ecosystem, we could think of our contribution more as an investment in DAOists and less like a 1-time payment for co-sponsoring DAODenver.

We can structure the contribution so DAOists get some $MOONEY to align our incentives – we pay in ETH for their upcoming JB raise and then at the end of the funding cycle DAOists uses that ETH to buy $MOONEY.

That way we support each other / are aligned not just in this one endeavor, but in the future as well.

Curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this!

Just wanna say I love the concept of DAODenver and anything that supports the DAO ecosystem is meaningful imo.

That being said, I think a $25K investment from MoonDAO isn’t something we ought to make lightly. By no means am I trying to diminish the value-add of DAODenver (think its a great idea!), but I think a $25K investment into a PR campaign will do more for our marketing at this time than this investment.

I think MoonDAO can support DAODenver in other ways- we can spread word about it on our socials, we can encourage MoonDAO members to attend, and we can support Pablo jumping on as a speaker (so cool!).

To make a capital injection or to trade tokens is something that deserves proper financial analysis with some data that would justify the decision imo. Reckon it’s our responsibility to be extra careful about expenditure esp cos our contributors put money into MoonDAO specifically for us to go to the Moon. Still think the investment is a possibility, just think we need more information and data to justify a payment like this.

Just my 2c!


Something to consider is the precedent we set for how we align $MOONEY with other DAOs. Not saying this would be a bad choice, just that we should be thinking about that also.

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Thanks for the stage call-up at end of the town hall yesterday! (It was good to hear the rest of the town hall as well.) Through attending town halls, owning some $MOONEY, and all our conversations, I feel fairly in tune with MoonDAO’s mission, concerns, and considerations.

I totally hear you @Kori & @al3sha - I agree that investments should be considered from as many angles as possible, including the precedents set by choices early on. I think deals like this need to work for organizations on many levels, and that’s what we’ve been working to do in conceptualizing this opportunity and trying to assure it achieves all of these goals with minimal risk and maximum upside.

In terms of which cognitive ‘bucket’ to place this opportunity, I would predominantly consider this a PR/Marketing expense/investment (I include “investment” as this may very well result in a net gain, which is ultimately the objective of PR initiatives). By having the opportunity to become better known to the wider community, through our (livestream and recorded) DAODenver fireside chat or presentation, helping make DAODenver free to all ETHDenver attendees, and being known as sponsors of our main event, the objective would be for this to result in better understanding of what MoonDAO is all about (not just as a brand or a meme) amongst the greater DAO/crypto community (which could result in additional token value - and actually translate into a significant net gain).

Here are the ways we’re proposing this in order to maximize success for MoonDAO, attendees of DAODenver and ETHDenver, and all organizations involved.

DAOists is looking at structuring everything through a Juicebox fundraiser, with the objective of raising funds to make DAODenver a totally free event. MoonDAO’s participation in DAODenver would be seen as a contribution towards making DAODenver free to everyone, not just sponsoring or throwing a party.

In terms of serendipity and timing, 2/15 (the eve of the event) is the Chinese New Year Full Moon, and what would be better than having a “Moonscape Themed Party” hosted by MoodDAO? The event can also act as the launch platform for whatever MoonDAO would like to get the word out about (potentially a Launch Event for Ticket to Launch Whitelist - or another timely announcement).

In the proposal (as @pablo mentioned), we’d stipulate that DAOists would also purchase $25K $Mooney, so we’d each own $25K in each other’s currency, so the net cost to MoonDAO would be $0 in a way of looking at it.

Additionally, we’d provide all Mooneys at ETHDenver with VIP Access to the “Skybox” (1100 square feet space with a private bar that overlooks the entire event, that we’re planning to turn into a lounge for speakers, sponsors, and VIP ticket holders).

For existing DAODenver ticket holders, we’ll offer a refund and provide the option of being upgraded to VIP status and other benefits if they choose not to request a refund.

FYI, the “Make DAODenver Free” Juicebox Fundraiser proposal is live (including accomodation for the MoonDAO and Juicebox participation and sponsorship). If you’re a member, or want to become one, and able to vote, please head on over and check it out: Discord
To join our DAO, find link to join at

Discourse: DAODenver February 15 - 16 - #11 by DAOofSteve

DAODenver is happening next week and we have been offered the opportunity to have a presence and use the DAODenver event as a platform for introducing the wider DAO and crypto community to MoonDAO. The objective would be for this event to result in better understanding of what MoonDAO is all about, and hopefully result in a net gain in terms its PR investment value. This sponsorship package includes:

  • A MoonDAO lunar new year celebration party on the full moon of 2/15.
  • VIP access to $MOONEY holders to the “Skybox” lounge throughout the 2-day event (a 1100 square foot space with a private bar that overlooks the entire event, planned to turn into a lounge for speakers, sponsors, and VIP ticket holders).
  • Livestreamed/recorded DAO speaking panels.
  • Livestreamed/recorded fireside chat about MoonDAO.
  • The opportunity to make a big marketing announcement for our TicketToSpace NFTs (potentially including a whitelist). We will work with our marketing team to make the most of our marketing communication at DAODenver.
  • Known as helping make DAODenver free for the wider DAO community.

This proposal includes two decisions:
#1. A MoonDAO sponsorship of DAODenver.
#2. Sending MoonDAO members to DAODenver and paying for their expenses (flight, lodging, per diem for food, incidentals, etc.)

#1. Sponsoring DAODenver Details
In the effort to make DAODenver free for everyone, DAOPlanet have created a juicebox project: Juicebox

We have reached an agreement with DAOPlanet to do a treasury swap where:

  1. MoonDAO will contribute $25k of ETH to their juicebox in exchange for DAOPlanet’s governance tokens.
  2. If DAOPlanet achieves their goal of raising $250,000 they will make their event free to all participants (or subsidize costs to the fullest extent possible).
  3. If DAOPlanet raises past $300,000 they will purchase $25k of $MOONEY from an AMM.
  4. If DAOPlanet does not achieve their goal of raising $300,000, DAOPlanet will purchase $MOONEY on an AMM equivalent to the overflow profit of the event, divided by 50%, up to the full $25k.
    This means that we will have a treasury swap in our respective governance tokens, meaning that we are incentive aligned in the future.

#2. Sending MoonDAO members to DAODenver details
Any MoonSettler, Rocketeer, or Astronaut can ask to have their expenses paid for by the DAO for participating/attending DAODenver.

The maximum budget allowed will be $600 for flights, $200/night (max 3 nights) for lodging, and $100 per-diem for food and other incidentals (max 3 days). The expenses past that will be covered on your own dime. Members will be reimbursed for their expenses after DAODenver.

This is a maximum expense of $1500 per person the DAO sends to DAODenver.


  • Yes #1, Yes #2
  • Yes #1, No #2
  • No #1, Yes #2
  • No #1, No #2
  • Abstain

I strongly agree that we go to DAODENVER. :laughing:
This is a great help to our MOONDAO promotion.
I wish I could go LOL

Agree that we should send our MOONDAO members to DAODenver, however, I don’t see the sponsor to DAODenver is necessary. I’m not expert in Marketing just my 2c.