MDP-2: Retroactive Compensation for Phase 1

MDP: 2

Title: Retroactive Compensation for Phase 1

Author: @kogero

Status: Pending

Created: 4-2-2022

Retroactive Compensation Proposal:

Retroactive Compensation for the Period of: Nov 24 2021 - Jan 16 2022

Step 1: % Allocation
Temperature Check Vote
A snapshot proposal will be put up with 20 options: 0%, 5%, 10%, …, 100%. (aka 0-100% in 5% increments.) This will be a weighted vote for the % of the $MOONEY treasury you would like to allocate to the contributors that built MoonDAO from day 0. This applies for work done in the period of Nov 24 2021 - Jan 16 2022

Final % Allocation Vote
The mean, median, and mode of the points will be taken and put into Snapshot for a second (and final) vote on the final % allocation value out of these 3 options.

Deadline e.g. Mon Feb 7 2022 23:59 PM PST

Step 2: Personal Submission
If you believe you are entitled for Phase 1 compensation, submit your name and a short description of work done in Phase 1 (Strictly in the period between Nov 24 2021 - Jan 16 2022) in a Google Forms e.g

The names and descriptions added will be added into the Blind Point Allocation Google Forms.

Deadline e.g. Mon Feb 7 2022 23:59 PM PST

Step 3: Blind Point Allocation
Point Initialisation
Points will be initialised to roles in this manner:

Astronauts get 4,000 points to allocate to others

Rocketeers (Promoted prior to Jan 16 2022) get 4,000 points to allocate to others

MoonSettlers (Promoted prior to Jan 16 2022) get 4,000 points to allocate to others

Point Allocation:

These points can be allocated to anyone regardless of their “role” in the discord.
They cannot be allocated to yourself.

With the set amount of points you have been initialised with, you are then asked to allocate points to the contributors in the DAO based on what they think of their contributions.

The Blind Point Allocation Google Forms will be sent out to the relevant parties for points to be allocated. This form will contain the name and description of individuals that submitted themselves in Step 2. The initial allocation is blind (i.e. you can’t see how everyone else allocated their points) to mitigate social pressure.

Deadline e.g. Wed Feb 9 2022 23:59 PM PST

Step 4: Transparent Point Allocation
Once complete, the Blind Point Allocation Google Forms are converted into the Transparent Point Allocation Google Sheets. This is shared to the community. After which, the relevant parties are free to review and adjust their point allocation depending on the how the community allocated points. This second allocation mitigates collusion.

These points are then summed for each individual. The percentage of the points you are allocated represent the % of the $MOONEY assigned for Phase 1.

Deadline e.g. Fri Feb 11 2022 23:59 PM PST


Overall this looks great to me, just one thing I’d like to open discussion about:

Rather than vote on the mean, median, and mode – what if we just simply took the average of the three? We might be over-engineering a little with two votes. Doing an average of the three seems solid to me (or just median and average, since I think mode doesn’t give us a lot of signal given all the options available). I expect the distribution to look like a normal curve / Gaussian so the three will likely be close anyways, but in case we get some crazy distribution using the average of the three gives us some stability. Curious what others think though, I don’t feel super strongly about this.

The rest looks great to me! Hopefully we can get this up on snapshot sooner rather than later because the longer we wait the less people remember all the work that was done during Phase 1. But, we shouldn’t rush this either since it’s important to hear what everyone thinks.

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We discussed on discord some weeks ago that we should make January 16 inclusive, so before January 17.

Gotchu. Yeah I get where you’re coming from. Actually the reason I don’t think we should take an average of the mean and median is because I don’t think the votes will be normally distributed.

I feel that opinions tend not to be distributed normally, instead I reckon they’re multi-modal. E.g politics- people tend to be on the left or right. Taking the average of the two doesn’t capture the overall sentiment.

So that’s why I think a second vote will be useful and I reckon it won’t hurt vote fatigue considering other DAOs often do several snapshot temperature checks.

I do reckon we will come up with modes with our 5% discretisation of the vote options. But you are right that we may not or it may not be statistically significant. I reckon we can label a mode as a maxima that has 20% more votes than the average # votes per option. That way if no part of the distribution meets this criteria we will have 0 modes.This will account for a multi-modal distribution and allow for more than one modes.

Our second vote in this case could have a mean, median and mode(s). Lastly, if these summary statistics end up being similar (we can set a criteria like 5% diff in votes) we will just take an average not have a second vote.

Just my 2c!

I’m cool with that, works for me!

Spoke to Pablo and we could do a Temperature Check Vote, without a pre-set decision for the summary statistics we will consequently use in the Final Allocation Vote. Instead we will form the Temperature Check Vote distribution, identify key points and speak to the community to decide on the key values in a communal way, before throwing these key values up on Snapshot for a Final Allocation Vote.

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Including a draft of what will be put up on Snapshot:

"Discourse: MDP-2: Retroactive Compensation for Phase 1

As discussed above, this vote is to determine the amount of $MOONEY from MoonDAO’s treasury that will be used to retroactively compensate MoonDAO contributors that worked on setting up the DAO from its inception on November 24th 2021, to the end of the token sale on January 16th 2022.

Our treasury has approximately 1.3 billion $MOONEY and the percentage chosen will be the percent of that $MOONEY treasury that will be distributed to contributors.

This first temperature check vote will serve as a signal from the community as to what the preferences are of the $MOONEY holders. Once the signal is captured, we will put up a second “final allocation vote” with the options for total $MOONEY to be distributed for Phase 1 work.

The details of how we will distribute the $MOONEY are discussed on the above Discourse, we will use a system where contributors will receive points that they can allocate to anyone else but not themselves, this way the contributors can collectively determine the amount of compensation that will go to any individual.

The details of this system are included in the Discourse above and will be subject to another vote by the community to confirm that this system is acceptable to the community.

For this proposal we will use Weighted Voting and you can choose any number of options with your tokens. The distribution provided is made up of 5% increments, so if for example you wanted to vote for a value in between the increments you can do so by putting a portion of your tokens on one choice, and a portion on a another choice, and the average of your weighted token votes will be your decided amount.

Again, this vote is just to capture the sentiments of the community and we will then put up a second vote for the final allocation. As a reminder we will use a 4% hard cap of the circulating $MOONEY supply on any vote, meaning that no individual should use more than 50,000,000 $MOONEY tokens on a single vote."

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It’s up, has 1 hour until it officially goes live

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Is there any option between 0-5%? Because it seems to be a huge amount of mooney may terrify some holders.

To select a % below 5% you can allocate a portion of your tokens to 5% and another to 0%.

For example:
50% of tokens on 5% + 50% of tokens on 0% = 2.5%

What I miss in this proposal is the list/description of the work done, so one can “assign” a value to that work, and therefore vote for the corresponding portion of the treasury to be allocated. Otherwise, how to know?

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Yes 100% this is going to be included.

Basically, everyone will list the work that they did during the time period and that will help people remember what work was done and allocated points properly