Ideation: "Photos to Space"

Title: Photos to Space
Status: Pending
Created: 20-5-2022
Mission: Create a call to action for the general public to upload digital copies of photos to a physical storage device that can be included in the Blue Origin capsule
Team: me + @luffy @Yeurri
Multisig: Cheesebeard + Luffy + Yeurri + Pablo & Kori (if necessary)
Open tasks:

  • Procure BO-compatible thumbdrive ( SanDisk 512GB Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive - SDCZ73-512G-G46 at $89.99)
  • Deploy airtable to confirm photo/tweet details, social handle, and nominate someone else by social handle
  • write copy for Twitter call to action (e.g. "This is your chance to send up any digital photo of your choosing to space! In order to qualify, make sure to follow OfficialMoonDAO, fill out this airtable, tweet 2 of the following: #wagttm #humanspacegallery #sendmypictospace 1/
    2/ Make sure to tag any friends or family that appear in your photo)
  • organize airtable results and if necessary, order by nominations if past 512 GB capacity
  • download photos to thumbdrive and transport it to Blue Origin site (should be whoever plans on being physically at the launch)


  • Travel expenses (if necessary)
  • Thumbdrive (can DL task be delegated to someone that plans on being at launch site?)
  • 1 week of moderating airtable form + premium subscription (if necessary)


  • This is mostly a twitter campaign, with the additional overhead of managing replies in another format, and collecting media into a thumbdrive and transporting it to the launch site.
  • Costs should be kept as low as possible, this is just a spontaneous proposal to reach the broader public throughout the mint and before the launch itself, the necessary costs include the thumbdrive itself and physically guaranteeing it will be present at launch.
  • as Luffy mentioned, there should be a mosaic of all the photos sent up (could be minted), as well as a disclaimer pertaining to the use and storage, as well as a ethical standard (I propose that photo submission, whenever possible, is publicly available on twitter so there is that understanding that it is acceptable content)
  • Allin did have a “space postcard” proposal already, so it makes sense to add him to the team as well and make sure his idea can also come to fruition.

Yeah! It was regrettable for me to not complete the “space postcard” project. I am glad to join this team.

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Can we contact some big NFT’s project party and send their NFT’s logo/contract to the sapce? - Such as Azuki\Okay Bears\doodles
Or send some token’s logo to the space? - Such as Doge\Shib

any and all of these, fren. the trick, imho, is getting them to engage with us in public before we take on their burden for free. this needs to be a call to action first and foremost, so I think the best thing to do on the side is maybe include a NFT artist nomination in the tweet that needs to get submitted. but it’s a slippery slope, imho, we don’t want to be accused of being spammy, or shilly (already ran into that problem in the discord of a community that I really had hoped would be a part of this).

As mentioned in the recent sync, we should expand the definition on media like typed works that could also be sent in the same storage drive. The collection process could be simplified to just deal with photos submitted through twitter or elsewhere. Would still need some restrictions on filetype, imho.

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