Ideation: "NFTs to Space"

Title: Spacecapsule Vaults
Status: Pending
Created: 20-5-2022

Mission: Deploy secure hardware wallet vaults for custodying NFTs within subdomains of the “spacecapsule.eth” ENS domain and issue POAPs or L2 commemorative NFTs
Deadline: varies by subdomain-specific mission (e.g. nonfungible.spacecapsule.eth for BO launch, deadline by end of June 2022)
Status: Pending
Multisig: Yeurri + @luffy + @pablo + Kori + Cheesebeard
Open tasks:

  • determine future vaults and register subdomains under spacecapsule.eth (already grabbed by Cheesebeard) (e.g. luna.spacecapsule, ares.spacecapsule, titan.spacecapsule, ceres.spacecapsule)
  • establish physical failsafe (seed phrase engraving on titanium sheet) medium to accompany the hardware wallet
  • reach out to Jon Hillis (buriedtreasure.eth contributor) for further advice
  • establish call to action/ marketing campaign format
  • determine appropriately secure hardware wallet and procure for impending missions
  • deploy initial PoC for BO launch


  • .011 ETH per ENS registration
  • $200 per hardware wallet (+ time and bandwidth)
  • continuous monitoring of incoming txn’s and further promotion
  • research & development for unknown storage challenges
  • rideshare rates for future projects that undergo atmospheric entry/ collision
  • POAP design


  • Integrity of the hardware wallet itself can be achieved via container. Assuming mass must be optimized, I propose multiple airtight (sealed) mylar pouches + water if feasible (but water is significantly more valuable, heavy, and complex)
  • This is a continuous proposal, would require new governance for each target and subdomain instance
  • creating derivatives of buriedtreasure.eth implies a bounty for independent actors to retrieve control of those vaults on distant planets, moons, and asteroids. This alone is a significant value proposition for the expansion of citizen astronautics.