Ideation: MoonChain

MoonDAO has several tokens at the moment:
Ticket to Space

Unfortunately, none of these have been monetizable from the DAO, though all of them are permissionless tokens as far as any other Ethereum dapp is concerned. MoonDAO is at a crossroads where it needs to find some viable model for self-sustainable growth, and as others have stressed, the DAO is not allowed to perform certain on-chain actions because of regulatory risks. That being said, two of the stipulations that support tokens that are not unregulated securities: they are sufficiently decentralized , and they are directly consumed for a purpose.
I will describe other ways that MOONEY and other MoonDAO cryptoassets in other ideas, but this one is fairly simple: appchains (like those on Cosmos) that consume cryptoassets to read & write to blockspaces are providing a public good via the validators that stake those cryptoassets to secure the blockspace, and in the process generate monetary velocity for the cryptoasset that gets consumed.
I am simply suggesting that we explore whether MOONEY can be used as gas in a new blockspace, whether that is a separate EVM sidechain, or even more easily, as a gas token on a rollup like zkSync.

Interesting idea, but the missing piece is we would need something to motivate the need of that new blockspace. I think there are definitely some ideas where we could use MOONEY as the gas to use the project. I like the direction you’re headed for sure.

Does anyone have any ideas for what types of projects could be created that use MOONEY as gas?

I know Luffy is thinking a lot about a new NFT project, and it uses MOONEY for certain features. Might be something worth exploring there…

zkSync is already planning on allowing most tokens to pay for gas (with a few outlying conditions) on an Ethereum rollup. If MoonDAO is funding scientific research ventures in space, it might be in line with the scaling vision on Ethereum to store those into a validium as well. I’ve raised the idea of consuming and transferring MOONEY w/ Luffy WRT his NFT project, and there’s been significant pushback, so I think we need to explore other avenues as well.

This is a very Interesting idea, but is this very hard on the tech side?

yeah, it’s a little complicated on the tech side. zkSync is going to be live on mainnet in November, but they may not release all their code until it’s clearly battletested. using a zkPorter implementation (one I’m linking to is just a proof of concept), we could explore how to collectively submit the root of a tree of transactions. this is complex, but the utility it could bring to MoonDAO, along with the chance to make MoonDAO a vibrant on-chain ecosystem, is a major edge to getting us to the moon.