02/15 (EST) Daily News

:full_moon: Headline:FEB15 DAODenver Full Moon -Ticket to Ride- Party (Hosted by MoonDAO & DAOPlanet)

:bust_in_silhouette: Writer: CarolW Damian

:bust_in_silhouette: Editor-in-chief: CarolW

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Buddy Program started. Come and join the discussion. https://discord.com/channels/914720248140279868/929413455088328704/943134734131793981

Al3sha: I think the buddy program might actually be a really good test bed for bounties. If we set up work schedules and say, We need someone from 12 - 4 GMT+8 to welcome newbs. This bounty is good for 1 month and will pay 0.nnnnETH or somesuch


@Supernft is working on a lettered PFP

@Supernft designed a Server Banner/Cover


We leave the period for communal editing of the constitution for one week, then give it a week to have the select group do an edit, a few days for translations, then throw it up on snapshot for voting. Here is a google docs, editable by all:



Al3sha set a β€œMoonDAO Partnership Discovery” form and welcome people to add comments and recommendations. β€œWe welcome you to tell us about your project and how you think MoonDAO and your efforts fit together for the benefit of humankind.”



Discussion about NFT https://discord.com/channels/914720248140279868/932701728451756072/942844862980567101


MoonDAO Daily news

Will work on a Chinese channel directory

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Chinese Community Work

1.The development team @0x7aa7 submitted a pr about the translated documents of the MoonDao official website Chinese on github;

2.Chinese the community set up the Tik Tok group, has completed the short video of β€œA beaver on a rocket to lift off”, and is currently producing a promotional video for MoonDao and Blue Origin.