02/13 (EST) Daily News

:full_moon: Headline:We held the official AMA with AliNFT in Twitter Space. (Hosted by @OfficialMoonDAO

:bust_in_silhouette: Writer: zickychow, Damian, CarolW

:bust_in_silhouette: Editor-in-chief: CarolW

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@supernft designed for our DAODenver activity


@Kori Rogers is considering creating a google docs open for MoonDAO members to write out their constitution.


@Kori Rogers : “One potential thing we can do is tier our NFT prices in the following way:

  • Pilot: Secured at 10 ETH
  • First Class: Secured at 1.0 ETH
  • Business Class: Secured at 0.1 ETH
  • Economy Class: Secured at 0.01 ETH”


MoonDAO Daily News

We will plan our weekly updates and posted on Twitter. This would be different from our news which is more internal. It is about something more external facing so things like our stats (our growth: discord, Twitter follows etc) or concrete decisions we have passed, like snapshot votes etc.

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Chinese Community Work

  1. Planned and implemented the AMA meeting of MoonDao and AliNFT;

  2. The development work group is trying to make a web page for MoonDao information link inclusion. https://linktr.ee/moondao(still working on)

  3. We have established two very important groups internally: Revenue and Expenditure Supervision and Review Work group (responsible for reviewing the expenditure collection of Chinese communities), and the External Communication Work Group (consulting and cooperating with interesting projects);

  4. Set up a special group for Blue Origin AMA next week;

  5. In the past few days, Chinese community has created several articles about MoonDao:

《推动太空新经济,MoonDAO或将成为先行者》by Wait

《手握日月摘星辰,奔赴人类对浩瀚宇宙的无尽向往 ——风口下的MoonDAO正式起航》by 刀麻

《MoonDao的一小步,太空探索的一大步》by 加密无涯

《见微知著,MoonDAO能否成为一个成功的DAO》by Wait