02/11 (EST) Daily News

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1) Everyone is welcome for discussion in the thread of #legal channel for our legal entity.
2) Discord and Discourse re-vamp

:bust_in_silhouette: Writer: zickychow,CarolW
:bust_in_silhouette: Editor-in-chief: CarolW

Community design

  1. Discord re-vamp
  2. Set Chinese governance channal and Chinese work channel


@Eion Rogers : Chinese channel on discourse: https://forum.moondao.com/c/propsals/chinese/16


@Pablo Moncada : “Legal is our top priority right now and it has mostly been happening in DMs, but I want to open it up here so that we can all speak out in the open. I’d like for everyone here to make a recommendation for how to move forward based on your expertise, the options basically look like: (Everyone is welcome for discussion in the thread of #legal channel.)

  • US Delaware Non-Profit
  • Unincorporated + Individual purchases ticket
  • Offshore incorporation
  • US Delaware LLC
  • Unincorporated Nonprofit Association
  • Wyoming DAO
  • Other (long tail of other options) ”


Daily news


DAODenver proposal is live now!