02/10 (EST) Daily News

:full_moon: Headline:@CarolW discussed about Chinese translation cooperation of proposals with Chinese community and made task assignments.

:busts_in_silhouette: Writer: zickychow
:bust_in_silhouette: Editor-in-chief: CarolW


Discussion of moon-settlers/rocketeers status:

@al3sha: “Do we need to consider demotions?”

@Pablo Moncada : We can just have a sunset for Rocketeers and they need to be re-elected to continue. Basically just assume leaders will step down, and they can continue serving if that’s what the group wants.


@CarolW: “Discussed about Chinese translation cooperation of proposals with Chinese community! Here are task assignments:

  1. @goofystoic is responsible for snapshot translation
  2. @MICHAELLIN_ZHANG is responsible for MDP translation on discourse
  3. @CarolW and @zickychow will check the 1&2 translations. @CarolW for pm.EST(am.UTC+08), and @zickychow for am.EST(pm.UTC+08)
  4. Every 1&2 translation should be stored in notion https://www.notion.so/moondao/Proposals-cd2b76bbdfd34b89b3ab8acc39e760e6 first and posted in #internationalization, then dm @CarolW and @zickychow


@Favian: “I’m part of the citydao council and legal guild. We are formed as a Wyoming dao which is working good so far. Happy to share more of y’all think it’s useful”


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