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:full_moon:Headline:@Pablo Moncada posted a proposal for sponsorship of DAODenver and sending MoonDAO members to DAODenver. https://forum.moondao.com/t/daodenver-february-15-16/34/13
:bust_in_silhouette:Writer: zickychow, CarolW
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@Louis Yip : Some thoughts on setting up a SOP for proposals:

  1. We could set up a verification bot in Discord to verify our Dao members, give them some roles according to their $Mooney position
  2. Set up a pre-voting channel in Discord for people to review the proposals first, and leave some time for the translation team to translate the proposals into other languages (e.g. Chinese)
  3. Vote on the pre-voting channel in Discord for 24hrs or 48hrs, then we could know more about the ideas from the community, and we also have time to adjust the draft of the proposals
  4. Set up the proposals on Snapshot

@Eion Rogers :some notes I took down during the call:

1.) Any proposal that becomes a MDP (official MoonDAO post) will include a translated chinese-version at the bottom of the post. This simplifies things. Chinese members do not need to go to another forum/channel to get the translated version.

2.) Step by step youtube guide in Chinese on how to setup a Discourse proposal

3.) Weekly community call with Chinese community updating progress on MoonWork

4.) Setup a community call with Chinese community before any significant Snapshot Proposal


@Pablo Moncada posted a proposal for sponsorship of DAODenver and sending MoonDAO members to DAODenver https://forum.moondao.com/t/daodenver-february-15-16/34/13


Some interesting DAO tools shared by @zeroindex: https://twitter.com/otoco_io/status/1491060230628724739?s=21, https://mirror.xyz/kalico.eth/-3F1hwORenfSVTNrdwqk8tZSSOQ2dfFjsRFehAH43tw


@al3sha created a thread for work on the Ambassador program and schedule a meeting.


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@Carol Discuss about when to release news considering different time zones. Reach an agreement: we consider if we post during am.EST(pm.UTC+8), the dates in EST and UTC+8 has a day’s difference. The incoherent news date may cause misunderstanding. Therefore, we decide to post the final news at pm.EST(am.UTC+8). And the news draft will be finished at am.EST(pm.UTC+8).