02/05 (EST) Daily News

:full_moon:Headline: Thinking about sharing our legal journey to other daos as a good inspiration and a promotion.

Writer: @CarolW
Editor-in-chief: @CarolW


Thinking that sharing our legal journey would be super helpful to other DAOs. For example, we can write some blogs exploring legal frameworks around Moondao.


kogero: on marketing we should do a reddit push when we secure the tickets



Some suggestions

  • Work channels are viewable after you click on a role, this makes the discord less intimidating
  • Very few channels – it might be worth doing a “prune” or combining channels a little bit soon. This helps keep things organized too

Add points here: https://moondao.notion.site/Community-Design-Projects-Considerations-8d034f6a35944de79408985897fdf17c


Daily news

Discussion about which specific platform we post articles on



Trying to gather up as many NASA, royalty-free samples for use in the song. If any of you know good sources of high quality sounds feel free to post them here.


A3LPHI will work on getting some semblance of a sonic skeleton for the architecture of the song. Keeping the golden ratio in mind, and thinking of laying it out like intro, verse 1, verse 2, bridge, catchy chorus, verse 3, chorus, and outro supremo ad infinitum?and try to keep it all under 5 minutes.

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