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  1. Discussion about which contract (ERC-721/ERC-1155) and which pricing strategy (fixed mint prices/bidding on minting) we use for our nft ticket.
  2. MDP-2: Retroactive Compensation for Phase 1

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@cleanapp & @pmoncada: considering push put a blog exploring MoonDAO’s legal frameworks and legal journey.


@al3sha listed Projects and Considerations, open for adding, annotation, and comment (https://moondao.notion.site/Community-Design-Projects-Considerations-8d034f6a35944de79408985897fdf17c).


Daily news

Discuss to set up a mirror or a substack for news and article publishing.



3 options for MoonDAO NFT (https://discord.com/channels/914720248140279868/932701728451756072/939200845973708810):

  • option 1: ERC-721 + Generative (PFP style)
  • option 2: ERC-721 + non-Generative
  • option 3: ERC-1155

2 approaches with pricing (https://discord.com/channels/914720248140279868/932701728451756072/939202762565099600)

  • fixed mint prices
  • bidding on minting


MDP-2: Retroactive Compensation for Phase 1

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