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:full_moon: Headline:kogero: I believe we are the only DAO working with BO. We’re far ahead of anyone else!

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kogero#4518: We are the only DAO working with BO. We’re far ahead of anyone else!


HELP WANTED : If you want to be part of this great project there is a chance for you in this Translation WorkGroup. We want to translate the webpage and documentation pages into as many languages as possible. Every language around the world, welcomed!

WHAT TO DO : Currently we have English , Chinese and Spanish languages already published. If you want to

propose and work in the translation of a new language , please raise your hand in this channel or DM irquintanas#2075.


@pmoncada: MoonDAO could “pair new people with a ‘buddy’ to unlock adding more contributors”

I’ve been thinking a lot about onboarding for MoonDAO and there was an idea that I think could really help us:

We get a lot of people that are interested in helping out, but when it comes time to make a contribution they’re “on their own” figuring out the org structure, the work that has been done so far, what would be valuable, etc.

Something that could unlock adding more contributors is pairing new people with a “buddy” that they can ask questions to and helps them get their bearings for their first contribution to the DAO

This could look something like a little “MoonDAO internship” where people are paired with existing contributors and then at the end of that period we can invite them in as a MoonSettler (or however we decide)


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Discussion to find more sci fi terms or terms used by legacy US government for our moondao structures.